R.C. Creef Paint and Wallpaper  ~ We Paint The Town!


What We Do Best

1. We offer free estimates commercial and residential.

2. We maintain workers compensation and general liability
     (Certificates submitted upon request)

3. We can help determine:
  • if your existing finish is solvent base or acrylic base. 
  • which may be the better coating system for interior and exterior surfaces.
  • if the existing finish is:
      i. Flat
      ii. Eggshell
      iii. Semi-gloss
      iv. High Gloss (to name a few) 
  • the best primer for the different painting systems
4. We install new wall coverings or remove existing.
  • smooth walls and ceilings to receive new paint or wall coverings
5. We have accounts with major paint manufacturers and
     knowledge of their products to ensure you can find the
     right coverings that meets your needs.

6. We can custom mix and match colors and stains at
     any location.

Call Me For Your FREE Estimate!
Let's Paint The Town!

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R.C. Creef Paint and Wallpaper
664 East Coral Key, Virginia Beach, VA 23452
757-449-5976  | randy@rccreefpainting.com

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